Interview with Brazilian Street Artist Valdi Valdi

Street art and graffiti magazine

I discover Valdi -Valdi a few month ago  “Street Art Best of 2016 “. Here’s my  interview of one of the most creative and talented Brazilian artist !

Valdi-Valdi Street Art

Can you tell us where you from ?
Hello, Laurent. Thank for the invitation and for let me spread my words. I really admire Streetart360 articles and it’s a great pleasure
to be here. I was born in a small island in south of Brazil, called Florianópolis. Besides the travelling time, I do still live in the island
with my wife. It’s a very calm place, surrounded by paradisiacal beaches and fisherman houses, the place people dream to take vacations one day. Floripa, how it’s called here, is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, a town with a new growing cultural and economical scene.

“Day dreamer” by Valdi Valdi

Where does your artist name from ?

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