Street art in Monno, Italy


“The Human Condition”
Street art in Monno, Italy,
by artist Gaia
(curated by Ozmo and produced by Simona Nv for Wall In Art at the behest of the Distretto Culturale Valle Camonica).
Photo by Gaia.
“This piece portrays two Italian immigrants shot in a study of Ellis Island by photographer Lewis Hine adjacent to San Cristoforo leading baby Jesus on his back whose protective blanket, otherwise known as a ‘space blanket’ flows into the reliquary bust of Carlo Magno. The central figures are flanked by two methods of travel; an airplane on the left, and a boat typical of the steam ships commonly employed to transfer Europeans to far flung continents known as the New World. Finally, the composition is bookended by two petroglyphs; Cernunnos, a celtic deity venerated by the Camuni people’s who once inhabited Valle Camonica, and Kokopelli, a figure of fertility celebrated by many Native American/First Nation peoples, most notably the Hopi.
The people of the Italian peninsula became one of the largest modern diasporas in the late 19th century, creating cultural enclaves of protection until achieving assimilation in their host nations. This mural stands as an empathetic reminder to the human necessity to migrate, in an era where the issue of migration now stands at the fore of European politics and threatens the very concept of the nation state.
Thank you to the people of Monno for allowing such a tremendous message.” Gaia

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